Wholesale Cardboard Rolls

Are you searching for specific cardboard products? Need wholesale pricing? Wholesale cardboard rolls in Dallas Texas are easy to find when you call Boxes 4 U. For more than 25 years, our family-owned company has been helping businesses and individuals locate the exact shipping and packaging materials they need. For businesses, wholesale cardboard sheets in Dallas Texas offers a money-saving way to meet your shipping goals. Boxes 4 U takes great pride in providing high quality shipping and packaging products at competitive prices.

Wholesale Cardboard in Dallas Texas

Boxes 4 U offers a complete line of wholesale cardboard rolls in Dallas Texas. These include:

  • 12” x 250’ Singleface
  • 24” x 250’ Singleface
  • 36” x 250’ Singleface
  • 48” x 250’ Singleface
  • 60” x 250’ Singleface
  • 72” x 250’ Singleface

We also have a wide range of wholesale cardboard sheets to help with other tasks, such as creating templates.

Identifying Customers’ Needs

What are you shipping? Is it a load of books to your favorite college student or are you a printer shipping hundreds of books to the college for the students? No matter which role you fulfill, Books 4 U is ready. Our support staff is very knowledgeable and can answer all of your questions. Each of our products are guaranteed and with a minimum order, your order will be delivered at no charge in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Much More Than Boxes

Boxes 4 U offers a lot more than just boxes. You can also find janitorial supplies, contractor supplies, crashfilm and poly bags, as well as many other products you might need. We believe it’s easier for our customers when they don’t have to make multiple stops or place orders at different stores just to be able to ship something. That’s why we carry it all.

Call Boxes 4 U Now

Give us a call to ask a question or place an order for wholesale cardboard rolls in Dallas Texas or any other shipping or packaging item you might need. We look forward to helping you!