Houston Corrugated Honeycomb Hexacomb Sheets

Houston corrugated honeycomb pallet runners from Boxes 4 U can provide your team with the materials they need to safely stack large boxes and bins. Imagine a pallet alternative that is lighter, tidier and more convenient than pallets — it exists with Houston hexacomb pallet runners.

Instead of heavy, cumbersome pallets, why not consider corrugated honeycomb pallet runners in Houston TX? These wood pallet alternatives offer a variety of benefits. They are lightweight, and the compressed paper core blocks provide durability and strength. Let us provide you with the boxes, honeycomb sheets in Houston TX, and other packing materials that can support your transportation and moving needs.

How Houston corrugated honeycomb pallet runners save you money

How often has your organization had to deal with massive shipping costs because of the weight of your transported items? What if you could substantially reduce the costs associated with shipping, simply by changing to a different pallet system?

  • When you use Houston hexacomb pallet runners, that dream can become a reality. Stop spending so much on shipping because of heavy wooden pallets. Instead, consider a switch to hexacomb pallet runners in Houston TX that are lighter, more efficient, and significantly less expensive.
  • Furthermore, our pallet runners are adjustable with perforations every 6 inches. They can be customized to fit a variety of packages, offering an advantage for those oddly sized boxes and bins. Ultimately, these honeycomb options give you the assurance that your equipment up to 1,000 pounds can be safely stacked, cushioned, and stored in the condition in which they were packed.

Whether you are looking for a modest number of Houston honeycomb sheets, or you need a truckload of Houston corrugated honeycomb pallet runners, Boxes 4 U can deliver. We have been offering commercial and industrial packing and shipping solutions since 1991. Boxes 4 U is the go-to supplier for industrial moving products, no matter your location within Texas. Contact our team now to develop a custom solution for your packing and shipping needs.