Custom Boxes In Dallas Texas

Your Choice for Custom Boxes in Dallas Texas

When you’re shipping merchandise to your customers, you want boxes that are just the right size for your product, without a lot of extra empty room that needs to be filled with packing materials that simply adds extra weight and shipping costs. That’s why custom boxes are a money-saving, time-saving choice.

As a leading Dallas custom cardboard box manufacturer, we make custom boxes that are made to your specifications based on the dimensions and weight of the products you’re shipping. You tell us the:

  • Size (length, weight and height)
  • Thickness (singlewall, heavy singlewall and doublewall)
  • Printing specifications for the boxes

We also provide custom foam for your boxes to ensure that your products can be securely held in the box to help prevent movement or breakage in transport and loading and unloading.

Fast Delivery Directly to Your Business

We’ll deliver your custom boxes in Dallas Texas within just ten business days. We offer free delivery in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with a minimum purchase. If you need any of our multitude of other shipping or packing supplies, you can order them at the same time and save. We offer corporate discounts.

Our Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff Is Available to Help

Boxes 4 U has been a Dallas cardboard box manufacturer for 25 years. We’re a family-owned business with an experienced staff available to answer your questions about any and all packing and shipping needs you may have.

To find out more about our sturdy, well-made custom boxes in Dallas Texas and our full range of packing, moving and shipping supplies, call us or peruse our website. You can also stop in and visit us in person at our Plano store, located at 1401 E. Plano Parkway. We look forward to being your packing and shipping partner!