B Flute Cardboard Rolls

Are you in need of cardboard sheets in Dallas Texas? Perhaps you need cardboard rolls in Dallas Texas as well. At Boxes 4 U, we have it all no matter what flute size is needed. Flute sizes are the different wall thicknesses in which corrugated material is available. Each one has a useful function, such as shipping strength to improved printability to reducing storage space. Boxes 4 U works carefully with our customers to make sure they get the cardboard rolls or sheets they need for their next project.

B Flute Cardboard Rolls in Dallas Texas

B flute cardboard sheets in Dallas Texas have more flutes per foot than A flute cardboard. It also has lower arch heights. Liners are contacted at more points, creating a flat, stiff surface for die cutting and high quality printing. It has excellent resistance to crushing and punctures and takes up less space in a warehouse. Examples of preferred uses include:

  • Beverage trays
  • Glass-to-glass packs
  • Wrap-around blanks
  • Slipsheets
  • Pads
  • Dividers
  • Partitions
  • And more.

B flute cardboard rolls in Dallas Texas are 1/8-inch thick and have 4.7 flutes per linear foot.

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